Hello. My name is Sam Watts, and I’m awakened.

That’s right, awakened – as in enlightened.

Where I know that just about anyone can do it, it would seem that only a few set out on a genuine path of awakening, and even fewer actually go all the way. I started this blog to address why that is, and how a courageous few may undertake a genuine path of awakening and actually see it through to fruition.

Much of what I write draws from various Buddhist traditions, but I borrow from other traditions, too. The desire to identify with any particular tradition falls away after awakening, and so I don’t consider myself a Buddhist or anything else. Clinging too tightly to tradition is an excellent technique for slowing progress toward awakening – if that’s what you’re after.

In all honesty, awakening finds you – not the other way around. The various practices that lead to awakening are sort of like putting up signal flares, or building a large fire. There’s no way to tell when you’ll be found, but it’s bound to happen sooner or later, so long as you keep the fire going.

That’s all I care to share about myself, and it’s probably more than you need to know. The important stuff can be found in the blog posts.