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“The process of awakening looks like it’s about destroying ego, but that’s not really accurate. You never completely rid yourself of ego—the false self—as long as you’re alive, and it’s not important that you do. What matters is the emotional tethers that anchor us to the dreamstate; that hold us in place and make us feel that we’re a part of something real. We send out energetic tendrils from the nexus of ego like roots to attach ourselves to the dreamstate, and to detach from it we must sever them. The energy of an emotion is our lifeforce, and the amount of lifeforce determines the power of the emotion. Withdraw energy from an emotion and what’s left? A sterile thought. A husk. In this sense, freeing ourselves from attachment is indeed the process of awakening, but such attachments aren’t what we have, they’re what we are.”

-Jed McKenna, Spiritually Incorrect Enlightenment


Happy new year, readers. What better way to kick off 2011 than to commit yourself, once again, to waking up.

The path of awakening is about clearing up delusions. By first investigating into who you are not, you wake up to a greater sense of who you are. But even this “who you are” is to be investigated. For, once we have a sense that we are this “I am”, we need to move beyond this until the “I” is gone and only “Am” remains.

After every opening there is a tendency to solidify the new point of view into a new home for ego. You can tell when this happens by the fact that your practice focuses less on engaging with experience and more with reflecting about this nature of reality you’ve uncovered. The key to keeping things moving is to continually re-engage with experience as directly as possible. Get in there! The source is not fixed, so neither should your position/perspective be fixed. To settle into a perspective is to tighten one’s chains. In each moment, engage and let go.

Awakening is possible. Don’t you forget it.